World’s Largest NGO BRAC

December 10, 2016

BRAC is considered as the world’s largest NGO in terms of their number of employees. It is a non profitable organization which is aiming to have international development. BRAC has been established by Sir Fazle Hasan Abed in 1972, just after finishing the great Liberation War of 1971. BRAC is operating in every districts of Bangladesh. It has started to spread its works in other countries as well. Such as in Asia BRAC along with Bangladesh is working in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Nepal and in the Africa it is proving its service in South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Liberia etc.

Initially the name of BRAC was Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC). Since 2009 the abridged name BRAC has been authoritatively acknowledged as its name. BRAC at first gave help and restoration help to outcasts coming back from India after the war of freedom. Later, BRAC turned its concentrate on the long haul issue of neediness mitigation and strengthening of the poor in rustic ranges of the nation. At present, BRAC advances pay era for poor people for the most part landless country individuals through their micro credit program.

had begun giving small scale credit as well as had begun breaking down the value of credit contributions to the lives of poor people by 1974. Until the mid-1970s, BRAC focused on group improvement through town advancement programs that included horticulture, fisheries, cooperatives, provincial specialties, grown-up education, well-being and family arranging. It emphasized on professional preparing for ladies and development of group focuses. In the year 1977 BRAC moved from group advancement towards a more focused on approach by sorting out town bunches called Village Organizations (VO). This approach focused on the poorest of the poor among them the landless, little ranchers, artisans, and defenseless ladies. BRAC started a business printing press to back its exercises in that same year. In the following year their project of craftsmanship retail chain which is known as Aarong started its journey.

Because of being the largest NGO of the world and its contribution in several development projects BRAC is very well known in different countries of the world.  BRAC has member associations in the United Kingdom and United States. In the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Global Health Award, 2004 co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates stated that, “BRAC has done what few others have – they have achieved success on a massive scale, bringing life-saving health programs to millions of the world’s poorest people. They remind us that even the most intractable health problems are solvable, and inspire us to match their success throughout the developing world.” BRAC has some phenomenal achievements in some important sectors which are indeed a great contribution in the development process of Bangladesh. Such as in the education sectors BRAC is one of the biggest NGOs trying to provide primary education for every child in Bangladesh. The training program of BRAC gives non-formal primary education to one side out of the formal education framework, particularly poor or burdened youngsters, and drop-outs. Bangladesh has lessened the hole amongst male and female participation in schools. The change in female enrollment which has been a great extent at the essential level is one of the best achievements of BRAC. Approximately 60% of the understudies in their schools are young ladies. And by this BRAC is emphasizing on women empowerment so that the women can contribute and work shoulder to shoulder with the men. Through the micro-finance program BRAC is contributing in the economic development of the country and most importantly maximum number of micro loan customer is women. BRAC is providing services in public health and when the Cyclone Sidr which hit vast areas of the south-western coast in Bangladesh in mid-November, 2007 BRAC worked as one of the largest NGO responses to this natural disaster.

BRAC is the new dimension in the section of NGO. How a NGO can work for the development of a country and spread their services in different parts of the world BRAC is a great example of that. BRAC has proved if a NGO wants to work for the betterment of people and society it can accomplish this goal most effectively like no other individual or organization can.

Abid Hasan Mollah

LL.B (Hons.), BRAC University

Masters in Criminology & Criminal Justice, University of Dhaka.