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Witness of history: Charlie Chaplin

May 5, 2018
Charlie Chaplin

Five-year-old Charlie Chaplin accompanied her mother Hannah Chaplin in the evening to perform the stage. Hanna is the popular stage actress. It’s a bit late for her makeup in the green room.

The visitors started out. To ease the visitors, the little chaplin was pushed from the green room to the stage. Seeing so many people on the stage, they play the stale little Charlie Chaplin.

Meanwhile, everyone was joking about seeing a boy wearing a bizarre dress. Chaplin ran into the right and was scared. This part is closed. Ho laughs the audience! Stumble in the running Again, yes, all of us, yes. Charlie Chaplin disappeared in Greenroom. Laughter and the list of the visitors burst! Little Charlie Chaplin thought, is so funny to make people? That start.

At 11-12 years of age, his silly comedy stirred the whole of England. At the age of 18, signing a movie company, Charlotte Chaplin went to the United States. In this he lost his parents.

‘The Gold Rush’, ‘Modern Times’, ‘City Lights’ and more! In the ‘The Gold Rush’ movie, boiled shoes in a stove vessel, grew up on the plate, did not see Charlie Chaplin’s footwear scene, and did not see half the world’s laughing scenes. ‘City Light’s Movie Comes To The Poetry’ The way we highlighted is an epic! Charlie Chaplin’s movies are going to be one after another. Charlie Chaplin became horribly popular.

Charlie Chaplin did not get popular just by laughing, unimaginable money was made in both hands Today 100 years ago young Charlie Chaplin’s earnings were 8 lakh taka. Yes, 8 million in the week. 100 years ago today!

King Albert Einstein once asked Charlie Chaplin, ‘You are comedian, I am physicist. Why do people ask me and you in the same way? “Charlie Chaplin seriously said, ‘I’m gonna make you understand the man, and you guys do not understand anything!

Harmless Charlie Chaplin was not romantic enough to look for huge shoes, dolly trousers, all the girls from the knees were crazy for him. Once her teen age girlfriend kissed emotionally and said, ‘You are warmer than 100 men!’ Charlie Chaplin chup is listening. The girl got worried Fear of fear, ‘Do you mind?’ Charlie Chaplin, like a baby boy, said, ‘Yes, 100 people, not 1000 people.

Amir Khan of Bollywood is called ‘Mr. Perfectionist ‘. Of course, Amir Khan. Perfectionist ‘. But more than that, Perfectionist was Charlie Chaplin. One incident is evidence. One actress’s little dialogue in the film ‘City Lights’, ‘Sir, this flower.’ The shot Charlie Chaplin had taken 342 times for the perfect take. Hundred years of legends can be made?

In the history of the world, such a large classical comedian like Charlie Chaplin did not come. The United States wanted to give him citizenship Did not He was very upset about the United States.

Big people have big business and big business So large-hearted Charlie Chaplin also left Earth’s maya in Christmas. Christmas Day In 1977. In Switzerland.