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Neymar is not possible to get Real Madrid: Ronaldo

May 3, 2018

Neymar left Barcelona last season and joined PSG. At the end of this season, the Brazilian star will join the Real Madrid – there is a lot of bunch of rumors. However, Ronaldo, a Brazilian legendary footballer, believes that leaving PSG and joining Neymar’s Spanish club is ‘Mission Impossible’.

Ronaldo feels Neymar is not possible to get him to the Spanish club Real Madrid, “I’ve heard a lot of buzz about Neymar coming to Real Madrid. To be honest, Real Madrid will be very difficult to take Neymar. Because Neymar has spent a lot of money and took a lot of PSG team in the process. It’s very difficult to get Neymar in this situation. “

Now Neymar out of the field. However, this Brazil star is coming back from injury very soon. After the final test on May 17, he will know when he is in the field. Supporters of Brazil may be happy, but PSG supporters have criticized Neymar for a lot of criticism. The club’s supporters have said that Neymar is out of France to recover from injury.

Not only that, Neymar is planning to leave Paris. PSG supporters raised questions about Neymar’s rehabilitation outside of Paris. They say, ‘Neymar’s departure from Paris for rehabilitation does not identify the decency. It is also very disrespectful for supporters. Players should respect the fans.

Meanwhile, Neymar has not been coming from Paris since his injuries. That’s why Neymar’s PSG is also worried about returning party supporters. Earlier, though, former French footballer Duguree criticized Neymar. Neymar did not accompany PSG players on winning the league championship day.

Because of Neymar’s respect for the club, the former player said he was not respected. Nigel did not behave like a former club in Barcelona when he did not play PSG, Dugri said. The former footballer, commenting on Neymar’s PSG.

However, Ronaldo, one of Brazil’s World Cup-winning heroes, has said differently, “At the moment, Mission Impossible Without Named PSG Maybe he was a young footballer some days ago, now he is a footballer. I believe she loves the PSG. He has confidence in the contract for the Paris club. He likes that deal and he is happy there. He knows when to change the club, he knows when to keep everything under his control. She is aware of the whole of what is happening.

PSG’s Neymar is in the ground due to injury to Marshall in the leg of last year’s leggie. Then he is resting after surgery on 3 March in Brazil. Brazilian physician Rodrigo has already said that Brazilian star is going to work hard to recover. Physical improvement is also happening. Brazil, Neymar, Brazil, Portugal, Costa Rica and Serbia in the ‘E’ group in Russia World Cup. Brazil’s star is struggling to heal itself before He is not thinking about leaving the club for the time being.