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Mustafizur Rahman sat down and saw the victory

April 29, 2018
Mustafizur Rahman

In Chennai, 169 wickets in 5 wickets, Mumbai have 8 wickets left to win.
Rohit Sharma not out 56 not out

Bangladesh pacer Mustafizur Rahman did not play this match.
The TV camera often showed the Mumbai Benches side bench, Where is Mustafizur Rahman? Kieron Pollard is not playing this match. The TV camera showed how many times the Caribbean turned around. But Mustafiz? Bangladesh left-arm pacer, which was seen at the very end of the match. Sit down at the last row of the side bench, one corner. Intimate nature Mustafiza want to hide yourself!

Mumbai won by eight wickets in Pune, Mustafiz came out of the corner of the bench to congratulate Rohit Sharma and Hrithik Pandya for the unbeaten two batsmen. The top-ranked Mumbai team has lost Chennai to the points list as a pooling point, but where is the smiling face of left-handed pacer? How to have a happy smile, the minimum role that he did not keep in the team’s victory. Mustafiz’s experience for the first time in this year’s IPL is to stay out of XI. Without sitting in front of the team, there was nothing to do today’s young pacer.

Mumbai are playing four pacers regularly. Mustafiz could not confirm his place in the previous match but he could not make it to the eleven. But in his place Ben Cutting or what he bowled! Australia pasaraka with just one over, gave 14 runs However, Mumbai Indians will have to give good numbers to the bowlers. They were trapped in Chennai by 169 runs. Suresh Raina’s unbeaten 75-run innings brought the money to the hosts’ fight.

Opener Suryakumar Yadav and Evin Lewis made 69 runs in 59 runs in 59 balls. This good introduction will give more credit to Suryakumar. 44 runs that is his. Mumbai’s Caribbean opener, moving out of the sloppy pace of the character, was left out of Pollard, who knows whether Luis was afraid or not! His 26 runs scored 21 runs, as far as a boundary can be scored. After Rohit’s wicket, he got out of the open, but he could not make more than 47 runs.

Rohit took over the heaviest match to win the match. At the start of the 14th over, Shane Watson was excited about the extraordinary football and great balance in the one hand that hit six boundaries straight in one hand, so that the message could not be won by the Mumbai captain! On the verge of victory, Hardi Pandey took the team slowly and steadfastly on the third wicket. When the 12-ball 22-ball equation, without giving a great bowling to Dwayne Bravo, surrendered to Chennai captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the attack by Surinder Thakur.

Dhoni’s absence did not work, Rohit did not get much support from Tagore’s four-wicket haul. Fifty also found. Pandya, who scored the fourth ball of the last over by Imran Tahir, wrote ‘The End’. Mumbai got the IPL’s second win and Chennai is the opposite, second-rate taste!