Miraz got the Faraaz Hossain Courage Award

December 8, 2016

en.narashunda Desk:

Md. Miraz Sardar from Madaripur has achieved the Faraaz Hossain Courage Award. Faraaz Hossain was killed in a terrorist attack in the Holey Artisan restaurant in Gulshan, Dhaka. In honor of great sacrifice of Faraaz Hossain PepsiCo Global took this initiative to give this award and Miraz Sardar won this award for the first time.

Miraz caught the terrorist red-handed who attacked Ripon Chakrabarty, a school teacher from Madaripur. Miraz handed over the terrorist to the police who tried to kill Ripon Chakrabarty and then took Mr. Ripon to the hospital. The prize money of the award is 10 thousand dollars and a certificate will be given as well. This award will be given to the next 20 years. Two million US dollars has been set up for the funding of this award. This award aims to show empathy towards an individual’s partner or co-worker as an example and by this to recognize an individual’s unique courage. Miraz Sardar gave a short speech after receiving the award and he said, “I follow religion and I believe in religion. However, I raise my voice against those who do iniquity in the name of religion.”

At Radisson Blue Water Garden Hotel this award was handed over by the Chairman of PepsiCo Global and CEO Indra K. Nooyi. The convener of the jury Sir Fazle Hasan Abed presented the certificate to Miraz. The Chairman of Transcom Group Latifur Rahman who is Faraaz’s grandfather and Faraaz’s mother, Simin Hossain were present on the dais. The judges of the jury board comprised of eminent persons and they selected the winner of the award from the proposed teen candidates. Sir Fazle Hasan Abed was the head of the jury board along with other eight members. Other members of the jury were Professor Abdullah Abu Sayeed, renowned Rabindra Sangeet singer Rezwana Chowdhury Banya, Standard Chartered Bank, Bangladesh’s Chief Executive Officer Abrar Anwar, Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Syed Nasim Manzur, PepsiCo Country Manager Manish Muley, the teacher of American International School in Dhaka Sabahat Jahan and Faraz’s grandfather and the Chairman of Transcom group Latifur Rahman.

On July 1, a group of terrorist who went astray attacked in the Holey Artisan Bakery where the student of US Emory University Faraaz Ayaaz  Hossain was killed. According to the announcement from PepsiCo Global Faraaz has dedicated his life for his friend which is a great example of true friendship. He firmly stands against evil as well and expressed love and sympathy with the different religions and nationalities of people which have connected as a chain of humanity. From the representation of Faraaz the world now knows that Bangladesh is always in favor of such human values. In order to encourage the teens of Bangladesh to participate in courageous works which will be inspiration for others and to spread the cognition of Faraaz among the young generation are the targets of this prize.