La Liga

Messi’s new record against Real Madrid

May 7, 2018

The Real-Bersa Match means the tension tension. Supporters are also keen to be a witness for some good moments. What did the end of the season do in El Clásico? Great goals, extraordinary passes, sportsmen’s, yellow cards, red cards, as well as fights of the two-team players. In the tense spell match, Barcelona went 2-1 in the 2-1 draw against Real Madrid in the final, and eventually left the field with Barcelona 2-0.

While the match draws, Barcelona has won a new record against Real Madrid, The Argentine star is now the highest scorer in matches played at El Nuevo in La Liga history.

Suarez gave the team a lead in the 11th minute of the match. But Ronaldo returned to the team after four minutes. This star accelerated from the counter attack on Benzema’s head. Messi failed to score the goal in the 43rd minute of the match with Nawab alone.

However, Messi made a record of 53 goals in the match, taking the team forward and making the record. It’s Messi’s seventh goal in Camp Nou at the league clay. Messi scored the record for the six goals scored by Francisco Djinta with the goal.