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Messi-Ronaldo’s full 1000 goals!

May 8, 2018

Not just Barcelona-Real match; Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo Doubles Here is the result 1-1 Ronaldo scored the goal before. After the goal of Suarez, the team gave equality to equality. In the second half, Ronaldo left the field with Messi. But Messi had to run twice in the second half with a team of 10 people.

Not just here; There are two more matches. Ronaldo got the ball in front of the goalkeeper and hit the ball. Made the same trumpet mesio. One shot from Ronaldo went out of the right post. Messi also left a shot left behind the post.

In this way, both of them were tied together! It may not be possible. However, the pair of two dualists reached the milestone of 1 thousand yesterday. Messi scored 551 goals in Barcelona’s jersey. Ronaldo made 449 appearances for Real. It’s full of 1 thousand goals.

Messi’s career started in Barcelona in 2004. And Ronaldo joined Rialay in 2009. Only after Ronaldo arrived in the Rialale did the duo of both of them get settled properly. During this time Messi scored 471 goals in 474 matches, scored 176 goals. And Ronaldo scored 449 goals in 436 matches. 119 made Ronaldo went ahead in the match to some extent. Messi is ahead ahead though.

Ronaldo is leading the hat His hat-trick for Real, 44 and Messi’s hat-trick, 39. During this time, Ronaldo took 79 penalty, with 13 goals in all the squares. And Messi has taken 56 penalties, missed 18 of them.

Messi has won 24 championships at this time since 2009. Ronaldo won 15 titles for Real. During his personal achievement, Messi won 5 Ballon d’Or, Ronaldo won the Rial by four. Messi has won the European Golden Boot four times, Ronaldo won three times this time. During this time, the 2016 Euro Championship was won by Ronaldo for the national team.
Messi vs Ronaldo since 2009

Messi      Ronaldo

474 matches 436

471 goals 449

176 Asist 119

39 Hattrick 44

23 Club Trophy 16

6 league trophy 2

2 champions league trophy 3

5 Ballon d’Or 4

4 golden shoe 3