La Liga

Messi-Iniesta-Stageen Barcer’s Three Soldiers of Success

April 30, 2018

La Liga wins Barcelona without unbeaten Although there is no shortage of soldiers in the Nau Camp, three people have to be kept separate.

Barcelona beat Deportivo La Coruña 4-2 on Sunday to win the 25th league title. Having won four matches, they have achieved success. Who was the inspiration for the success of Barcelona or not in the whole league?

Lionel Messi : Without the Argentine star can think of the way to Barcelona! There is no exception in this season. Messi is the biggest craftsman in success. 32 goals in the season have been scored. Leading from front to side Many saved the team from the edge of the match in the match. He did not just go round. Many times his assistants were also very valuable for Barcelona. Even after playing most of the central midfield positions, 32 goals but not the usual thing.

In the final match of his match against Barcelona at Barcelona in March, he was one of the key victories. At the end of the match, Atletico coach Diego Simeone said, “If we were to Messi, we could have bowled athletics by playing in the match. Then we certainly won the match. “Simone was talking about La Liga this year, Barça’s opponent was the coach’s mind in many teams.

Andres Iniesta : Andrés Iniesta has said that he had quit nine camps last Friday after spending 22 years in Barcelona. But this season, Iniesta has worked as the main driving force in the field. Coach Ernesto has played Iniesta this season in Wellver this year. But in the meantime, as long as Iniesta was in the hands of the key to Barcelona’s engine room.

He played the whole team. Messi has shared a lot of responsibility. Barca president Josep Bartimeau has said, “Iniesta is the image of an era.” In the last season, Iniesta has shown in Barcelona a major role in winning the Copa del Rey La Liga victory, and how much he is going to miss in the coming days, Barca.

Tare Stageen:  This season was a little different for Barcelona. The main key to their dominance over the whole season was not in the possession of classical attacks. Rather they were much more disciplined than other seasons. Goalkeeper Mark-André T. Stageen had a leading role in this advancement of their defense and disruption in the face of pressure.

This season is one of the two teams that digested the lowest goal. At the top of the list is Atletico Madrid. Soon after the position of Barcelona 34 goals in 18 matches did not score any goals from the German goalkeeper. This season he proved himself very well. At the moment is one of the world’s best goalkeepers, Tare Stagey.