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Lionel Messi’s victory in the legal battle of the name ‘Trademark’

April 28, 2018
Lionel Messi

Messi is the world’s highest paid footballer. But his earnings may now swell further after winning a long legal fight. Lionel Messi can now use his name as a trademark in sports products. A court in Europe gave this opinion.

The legal battle was going on in the last seven years. Messi won the battle in the end, finally Barcelona and Argentine striker Messi appealed before the court seven years ago. In that petition. He wanted to use his name as a trademark in sports goods. His application challenged the Spanish cycling brand. This brand name is Messi. Messi is the name of Messi and footballer Messi, which is written in English.

The Spanish brand argued that the two names are similar and the English spelling is very close. That’s why confusion can arise among buyers of the product in the world. The reason for cycling brand does not arise in the court. The European court gave the order for Messi. The order of the court was given at the time when France’s football journalist said two days ago that Messi is the most earning footballer in the world.

He has surpassed Cristiano Ronaldo in earnings. According to the magazine, Messi earns $ 126 million in this season. Why did Messi approve seven years to decide? In 2011, there was a negative decision from the European Union’s Intellectual Office with Lionel Messi’s application.

Challenging his application, the Spanish Cycling brand adopted the same type of name or spelling, that the European Union Office adopted the argument. They stood against footballer Messi.
However, the second highest court in Europe, in favor of the footballer Messi has taken so much time in the legal battle. But footballer Messi won. Analysts now think that Messi would use himself as a trademark without wasting time.