A Lady with Lamp: Nazneen Sukhee

July 31, 2018
Nazneen Sukhee
I found a unique lady in Bangladesh who has tremendously dispersed the light of education and empower her in the light of woman empowerment.

In her age, she served the nation at her best and she is working for the nation since the beginning of her student life. She never wanted her fame and worked for people silently. As a friend, I knew her since long. She usually used to serve the poor students, street children’s for rendering their education, she is completely a helpful woman with obvious good hope.

Nazneen Sukhee raised hope for many students, many women, many children, many meritorious pupils, and many brilliant incumbent. She has had the positive stimuli in her mind to do for the people, to work for the affected of various problems. We do usually talk her troubleshooter. She shoots the trouble of various people of the society. Though she belongs to a posh family and she lives in the posh area of Dhaka, she feels the poor with the whole hearted emotions. She feels their problem as her own. She is a philanthropist. As my own view, she is a lady with spacious area of broader mind with highest level of simplicity. She is undoubtedly brilliant with having less comparison. Many of our society are brilliant like her, but she belongs a unique quality, i.e her simplicity & generosity as well as her lion hearted initiative to work for the society.

The way I saw her is a trimmed alleyway where I find a quixotic woman as well as practical simultaneously and very often she becomes dreamy and quixotic at her rigid dreams to work for the people. She is a lady with lamp. She is Mrs. Nazneen Sukhee -An Advocate of Bangladesh Supreme Court as well as she is a teacher-the most noble and dignified profession on earth.

The more I see you dear friend, the more I become dumbfound to admire you as you at actual. As spruce as you are intellectually, we cannot express due paucity of our lexis. I would like to compare you at the altitude of a mountain with having a lot of prolific springs.

Mrs. Sukhee, is a person of belonging the capacity and courage of a mountaineer who makes her way into the heart of roughest solitudes and smooth reserve of strength,though dense belts of brush and forest encumbered with fallen trees and boulder piles,across canons,roaring streams,snow fields,ever showing forth beauty and courage.

She is a big person with generosity of spirit, a big human being with an ignited knowledge Bank, a big place of psychological repair, maintain rehabilitation for the victims and ailing persons.

Nazneen Sukhee is a great harbor of spirituality and simplicity, a soft talked human being ,a smooth behaved personality, a symbol of aristocracy, an emblem of nurturing mother and a sister now and again who radiates the rays of notable Mother Theresa on her works rendering silently for the people all over of her life. She bears the sunbeam at her smiles while dedicating her deluxe life for the people. She never become annoyed on this and never loses her patience. Rather she finds pleasure at this, verily it is her armature.

She is a benchmark of dynamism, optimism, enthusiasm, she is a torch bearer for the Career finder, and she is self starter and quick learner. She has established the paradigm that woman can do anything positive. Only the strong will force and determination is needed. She also let her relax pushed into drop box and worked for the people. Pushing her own luxury into doldrums, she struggled and found the way out for solving other’s problems, serving others, rescuing others from physical, mental, social and financial agony.

Those efforts are not merely to admire her; she is really more than those. She is a forecaster of good hope, an albatross of peace, a pathfinder of shiny brilliance.   

Recently she got a very prestigious achievement for her work, acceptably and popularity. She becomes the honorable “General Secretary” of the newly formed committee the Criminology Department Alumni Association Titled DUCAA-Dhaka University Criminology Alumni Association” on fully selection procedure by the adviser of the department and its alumni on the basis of her quality, acceptance and wide range of popularity and organizing aptitudes where respected national figure Mr. Monirul Islam, (a well known &  famous person, a renowned high official of Bangladesh Police and the chief of Counter Terrorism Unit of Bangladesh Police) was declared of its honorable “President”. Mr. Abdul Mannan, the respected additional deputy commissioner of Counter terrorism Unit of Bangladesh Police becomes the honorable    “Organizing Secretary” of this committee.

The committee was formed on 28th July, 2018, Saturday on the  Muzaffar Ahmed Auditorium of Social Science Faculty Premise of Dhaka University on a gala program organized by the department of the criminology department of DU.

The Honorable Vice Chancellor of Oxford of the east-Dhaka University Prof. Dr. Akhtaruzzaman kicked off the ceremony with chopping of cake. While the program was going, The honorable Dean of Social Science Faculty Dr.Sadeka Halim, the honorable Chairman of the department Dr. Zia Rahman  and the other teachers, students, alumni were present. It is obviously notable here that Dr. Zia Rahman who has triggered the program and the committee is a fantabulous personality who has immense contribution in forwarding and forecasting the criminology department as a super modernized department of Dhaka University as the mass comments and reports found from the university sources.

I may take the privilege of write o short biography of Mrs. Nazneen Sukhee as I am writing about an enlightened woman.She has been graduated from the department of Geological Science of Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka and secured First Class and become 3rd position in the department. Then she accomplished a master’s program from the department of Criminology under the subject of Criminology and Criminal Justice and cut a very outstanding result. She obtained CGPA 3.81 out of 4.00 and stood first in the department and also completed LLB from University of London under the external system/international program provided by Bhuiyan Academy, Dhaka.Then she completed her LLM from Eastern University, Dhaka.

She is now a fully fledged advocate and she is practicing in Bangladesh Supreme Court and a member of Supreme Court Bar Association. Mrs. Sukhee is the Director Operations of US Bangla Footwear Ltd. Also She is an Adjunct Faculty of Law at Green University and the member of Board of Trustee of this University. She is a co-founder and Designated Executive Director of JVF-Justice Vision Foundation-An emerging NGO working across the country with own fund for facilitating the people by giving Legal, Education and health related aid. Nazneen Sukhee working for it devotedly and spending her times and money immensely. She is daughter of Sonargaon, Narayanganj.


Written By-Md. Saiful Islam Masum.

The author is a Banker & a Columnist