Late US Senator, John McCain awarded to the Human Rights Award

November 18, 2018
John McCain

The late US Senator, John Mccain has been given the Magnitsky Human Rights Medal for the posthumous of the
year 2018. John McCain’s daughter Meghan accepted the award on behalf of her late father.

The award recognizes those who have fought for human rights in Russia. This medal was introduced according to
the name of a human rights lawyer “Sergei Magnitsky” who was killed in a Moscow prison in 2009.

Sergei Magnitsky uman Rights Award

Concerned human rights, McCain has criticized President Trump’s involvement with Russian President Putin.
criticism that the U.S. president strongly rejected.

Six-time Senator and the 2008 Republican Party candidate in the US presidential election, MacCine was diagnosed
with illness in mid-July of last year, following surgery to remove a blood clot over McCain’s left eye, it was announced that McCain was suffering from glioblastoma, a common but extremely malignant brain tumour. McCain died in August from brain cancer at age 81.

McCain was a Air fighter in the Vietnam War. His plane was overthrown and that’s why he has to spend five years
in prison.

In the 2008 presidential election, McCain’s Running Mate Sarah Palin wrote on Twitter with his photo, ‘The
world has lost a real American’. Democrat Candidate Barack Obama won the election.