How to Get Diabetes Diagnosis

April 30, 2018

It can be predicted about two decades before the diabetes problem arose. It can be possible to completely prevent this disease if you get such an advance glimpse. Recently, Swedish researchers did a research on this. Our findings about diabetes can change in the result.

The research paper published in online journal titled ‘Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism’. The study analyzed 2 lakh 96 thousand 439 healthy people for two decades in observation. During that time, 28,444 people were infected with type-2 diabetes. That is, 9 percent of people in two decades have type-2 diabetes. Researchers say their research has shown that those who have already been diagnosed with diabetes have met for the same.

Insufficient insulin is not made on the patient’s body of type-2 diabetes or the cells of the body become insulin-resistant. Diabetes is a metabolic disease. Diabetes is the type of blood sugar or glucose available in the patient’s blood. Digested food accelerates the body’s force and growth, and this system is called metabolism. Most of the foods we eat are converted into glucose. Glucose is mixed with sugar in the blood, which is called the energy of our body.

Recent studies have found that predictions are available before diabetes begins. According to the treatment, the disease is already released from the disease. The first step for this is to know the information. Regularly visiting the doctor and checking whether there are diabetes. Check whether your body weight has increased or not.

Expert advice is that many people started an extra-dramatic plan of hearing diabetes, which is not realistic. Instead, you need to improve your information gradually. The study analyzed data of 20 years in the study. This means, gradually change dietary habits. Do not increase the amount of sugar in the blood and enjoy life. If there is an increase in body height and weight ratio or BMI, then try to reduce it. Restrictions on certain things are durable. You can follow several rules like eating a low calorie diet.

Some suggestions:
* Put more vegetables in plates. At half the plate vegetables and vegetables at night, more than salad vegetables.
* Those who travel, they can also take breakfast with vegetables without eating too much on the way. For example: carrots, peas, celery.

* Eat more than fat-free food. Practice eating Vinegar, beneficial spices and herbs, cottage cheese, and lemon juice.
* Do not eat any excess sugar and saturated fatty foods
* Read the ingredients before buying any packaged foods. Choose foods that are low in sugar. Calories from excess sugar reduce 10 percent. Consider before consuming different syrups including molasses, sugar, honey and juice.

* Add lean meat, lean milk and liquid fatty foods. Khan’s blood sugar increased more than fiber foods. Understanding the condition of blood reduces the rate of acceptance of carbohydrate or carbohydrates.
* Eat more than bean and full grain meal.
* Eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible.
* Eat less sweet.

If you plan slowly from now on, you will be well after the next 20 years.