Death Valley The Hottest Place

January 14, 2017
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Death Valley the hottest place on earth. It is located east California near the border of the Nevada. County name Eno. It contains some of California’s most inhospitable terrain. The lowest territory of Death Valley is 282 feet below from sea level and this is its peculiarity.

Million years ago, here was a sea. In evolution of time the sea faded leaving his sand and various types of salt. One of these is borax salt.  At one time Timbisa Tribal were lived here for thousands of years. Now it has an area of about 3,000 sq mi. Death Valley is a grim example of the beauty of nature. It is surrounded by the mountain. In the summer the temperature rises above 130 degree Celsius and in the winter normally not down from 80 degree Celsius. Its average annual rainfall is 1.5 inches.  Due to very hot the water dries up in moment.

In 1933 President Herbert Hoover declared Death Valley National Monument and places it under the federal protection area. About 61 years later in 1994 the Death Valley National Monument was redesignated as Death Valley National Park. It is surrounded the Death Valley. Extreme heat creates strange beauty in the desert. Salt fields, dry parched land, mountains and a lake named Badwater create a unique landscape in this primal valley. Overall, The Death Valley is a deadly wonderful place for travels.