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Cristiano Ronaldo scored the record for most goals in El Classico

May 8, 2018
Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a new goal against Real Madrid on Sunday. The legendary predecessor Alfredo Di Stefano’s touches.

The most important goal for Real Madrid was to hold the record for so long. He scored 18 goals against Barcelona. On Sunday Camp Nou scored 18 goals for C Seven, El Clásico However, the anxiety increases in anxiety due to the touch of the precedent.

Cristiano Ronaldo got injured in the match against Barca Barcelona In the second half, instead of Marco Assisi, Real manager Zinedine Zidane, Immediately begins speculation The Champions League Final can play against Liverpool in the Seven Seven? After the match, however, Zidane said in the meeting that there is no reason to worry about Cristiano Ronaldo’s injury. Real manager says, “It’s right that the foot conditions are not good at this time.

However, the injury is not very serious. He will not be able to tell how long he will be out of the field to be completely fit. “He also said that Ronaldo’s injury will be scanned. Afterwards, it is understood how serious the injury is. Although initially I think there is no reason to be concerned. Ronaldo will be able to play in the Champions League final. “Real news, C are Seven have gone to the heel. That is why he did not practice with the team on Monday.

Real Madrid have a match in La Liga on Wednesday. Opponent Sevaya in Away match There is no possibility of Ronaldo playing in that match. However, in the Champions League this season, Leighger has rested the team’s best weapon in most Away matches for Zidane.

Real manager praised says, “In this season, Benjema did not score much. But he has his role in every goal. “He also claimed that he was not disappointed if he could not win against the Barcelona in ten games.

Zidane said, “The match was not of any importance to the two teams. Yet we were thrilled with the goal of winning. But the footballers are happy with the game. “Before El Classico, Zidane said, do not give Barcelona a special honor (guard of honor) to be La Liga champion. Lionel Messi congratulated after the end of the match at Camp Nou.