The comfort of the baby in the summer

April 30, 2018
in the summer

The first word that comes to mind during the selection of clothing is comfort, comfort. The last word should also be comfortable with clothes, cut and design. You should also consider nutritional value during feeding. The food that will give relief to the heat. With cleanliness If you take good care of three or four things, children will be healthy throughout the summer.

Costume : Children wear loose clothes. Cotton cloth is good for this time. Change the clothes when the heat is sunk. Suddenly rain may also fall. If the child gets wet in the rain, change clothes as soon as possible.

Goose-Cleanliness Bath the baby with safe water every day. The skin should be cleaned well with soap during bathing. Remove body thoroughly after bathing. Remove the hair and hairstyles properly. Do not be wet with a finger spray. After removing the body, you can put the powder lightly. It is necessary to remove the body and hair in the same way as you get it. First you can remove body with wet cloth. But it is better to not have more than one bath all day.

Eat what you want : Before the child can eat whatever he wants, he will have to think, whether it is good for him or not. Again, if you do not want to have children, you have to give some food for her good reason. It is necessary to consult Suhraha Akhter, Associate Professor of the Department of Children of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, and get adequate drinking water.

Boost water well. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. Fruit juice or juice can be given, but if it is made in the house it is best for the baby. Should not be fed on the side of the street by buying cut fruits, fruit fries, ice cream, shirts or any other food. Due to these they can cause diarrhea, vomiting, typhoid, and even hepatitis. Cover food at home. Serve fresh foods. Avoid residual foods. It is better to avoid frozen and oil-fatty foods. It is healthier to avoid soft drinks.

Want peace : It is a good idea to not take the child out of a severe sunshine. Choose the shade places to sport. It is not okay to get cold water or drink immediately after returning to home. After returning home, keep the child in the air for a little while. During this time you can give normal temperature. Wait for some time to get cold water. If you want to cool the house through the air conditioning system, do it also after some time after returning home.

Again, it is always better not to use air conditioning. Keep the baby in the open environment. Remove the screen from the window of the house and open the screen. Put him in the air fan. If needed, occasionally take help from the air conditioning controller. Keep in mind that the child is drinking enough water.

If you have enough urine in the baby, you have to be careful. It is not good to keep the baby hair bigger. Due to big hair, heat-sweating can cause discomfort.