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Barcelona record 43 matches unbeaten in La Liga

May 10, 2018
La Liga

Barcelona’s record for an unbeaten match in La Liga The Spanish club, who scored 43 match unbeaten on record. Who lost to Viarial 5-1 in the home field, was beaten by Barcelona in the first round. In the 11th minute, Uthman dragged the ball from the midfield. Brazil’s midfielder Cuintinho gave the ball to the ball when he scored a goal from goalie Giorgilo.

Before the match at Camp Nou at the campus of the home ground. The Barcelona club’s season season trophy entered the field in various competitions. Five different teams from Barcelona are competing in five different championships. Barcelona got the first goal of the match.

Just five minutes after Kouintinho’s goal, Barcelona made 2-0 goals, and another Brazilian midfielder Paullinho Or the side of Lucas Dioni crosses the side of the cross by touching the foot of the Brazilian. After the 2004 Champions League, the team could not keep a clean sheet against Barcelona in Camp Nou, trying to advance to the match. But due to proper planning, no attack was seen in the face of light.

At the end of the first half, Lionel Messi gave Barcelona the lead of three goals. From the outside of the D box, the Argentine has made his 34th goal in the Cape Tapenie league at the close of Iniesta’s head. Messi will reach the milestone of 50 goals in the club and national team, with only two goals in the season.

In the second half, everybody saw the other Barcelona. Baira’s defenses led to a series of attacks by Veyyrell. Many times, the yellow jerseys, which have been successful in 54 minutes by increasing the number of attacks with Left and Right. Sanson shot a player in the net to hit the ball in the barracks. But still they did not stop them. Jasper Syllasin confessed to beating Bakery shot in the 67th minute.

In the 87th minute of the match, a goal in front of the goal 4-1 ahead of Barca. This goal is mainly from the passage given by Rakkitich’s personal skill. At the last minute of the match, again in the middle of the match, he defeated Viarial Defender in the speed of the ball, over the goalkeeper’s head, Tapean scored his second and Bresora scored the fifth goal in the field. Barcelona’s unbeaten 35-matches on home ground in the 5-1 win.