Ex-President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama love story

November 24, 2018
Barack Obama
A black young man came to work in Michelle’s Law Farm to work as an assistant to him. But the young man was late to meet him on the first day. Michelle Obama remembers the day of 1989 very well. The young man, who went to join Michelle as an assistant to Sidley and Austin law firm in Chicago, His name was Barack Hussein Obama. The 44th President of America.

Although, she liked him on the first meeting, she grossly saw him as her junior. Though she was his mentor, that didn’t stop Obama from asking her on a date. But Michelle Robinson straightly replies, “I do not date.” Albeit, the equation changed later. At the end of three years Michelle become his (Barack Obama) wife. Former US First Lady wrote about her early days of relationship with Barack in her autobiography ‘Becoming’.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama love story

Michelle also wrote in the book, Although she was slightly angry for the delay in first day meeting but there was a strange exceptional elegance in Barack. Which had caught her attention from the very first day. One day the two were seated together in the midday meal at the Art Institute of Chicago. After finishing the meal Obama started smoking cigarette. Michelle did not like it at all.

She wrote, “Barack was smoking like my father. My father used to smoke cigarettes after eating or being in an impossible pressure.”

After working for a few days, Barack proposed her to date one day. He said to Michelle Robinson, “We think we should go out together.” Michelle was initially hesitant to get such an offer from the junior. She said, “What!
You and me?” Later She said, she does not like to date. Michelle also reminded Barack that he was working as his
assistant. Barack did not stop at first time being rejected. In turn He said to Michelle, “I know you’re my
boss. But very cute. ”

Albeit, the equation changed later. Three years later, On October 3, 1992 Michelle Robinson married that
junior. Michelle got involved with Obama’s family name.