Bangladesh buses are running on Kathmandu road

April 26, 2018
Bangladesh buses

The purpose of this bus is to test the feasibility of Dhaka-Kathmandu bus service, along with 45 people, including a group of government officials from different government departments.

Nepal’s capital’s pilgrimage bus has crossed the border of Bangladesh and India and now is on the way to Kathmandu. Officials say that it can take 36 hours for passengers to reach Dhaka-Kathmandu bus service.

Officials say, cargo transportation facilities for passenger transport, passenger buses and goods – they are keeping three issues in mind.

 Farid Ahmed Bhuiyan Chairman of Road Transport Association said that around 450 kilometers from Dhaka’s Bangabandhu border in Panchagarh. Nepal’s Kankravita land port is just 54 kilometers away from Bangla Banglapedia. Finally, from Kankarvita to Kathmandu, the distance of about 600 kilometers.

In all, he will have to travel 1104 kilometers from Dhaka to Kathmandu. It can take a total of 36 hours, he said. Officials say that this route will have to break the journey at least three times.

But there is no doubt about the long-term suspension system. Farid Ahmed Bhuiyan said that he felt that he would have to increase the benefits of immigration and rest at Siliguri and Kankarvita border.

In addition, he thinks the coordination between these three countries will be strengthened. Officials still can not give an idea about when this bus service will be started. They are just saying that it will not take much time for the service to be launched after signing protocol between the three countries.