Another feather of the Prime Minister’s crown

April 29, 2018
Prime Minister

Another bright brat is added to the crown of glory of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina by achieving the Global Women’s Leadership Award for women’s general leadership in women education and education.
The US-based Global Summit of Women gave this honorary honor to Sheikh Hasina at a festive dinner party in Sydney, Australia on Friday evening.

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh received the award from the President of the Global Summit of Women, Irene Natividad, about the arrival of nearly 1500 women leaders from different countries of the world participating in a Women’s Leadership Conference. At this time world women leaders stood for a few minutes and congratulated the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

Attempts to establish peace at the internal border of the country, your self-esteem towards the culture of global peace has been met in an apex. ‘
From that point of time, Sheikh Hasina has made Bangladesh a new face in global dignity by keeping her signature in World Peace, Climate Change, Agriculture, Women Education and ICT, and has been integrating the nation in a superior constituency in the international arena.
International education also gave significant recognition to his contributions. So far, a number of prominent universities in the United States, Britain, Australia, Belgium, and India have provided 9 Honorary Doctorate degrees in law, literature, liberal humanities and humanities.

In 2010, the United Nations awarded the ‘Millennium Development Goal (MDG)’ to the Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in recognition of the achievement of the MDG-4 on child mortality reduction in 2010.
In recognition of the continued commitment to the development of the country, the ICT Sustainable Development Award was awarded in 2015 to encourage the use of ICT in achieving United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina won the South South Award twice in 2011 and 2013 for her contribution towards reducing child and maternal mortality and poverty and poverty through the use of information technology in the health sector. He also Pearl S. Buck Award (1999), restored by the “Ceres Medal (1999), Mother Teresa Award, MK Gandhi Award, indrira Gandhi Peace Prize (009), indrira Gandhi Gold Blade, state medal, the World Diversity Award (011 , 2012) and Netaji Memorial Award (1997).

In order to achieve self-sufficiency in food production and contribution to ICT development, the US Colonel University gave a certificate to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in September 2014. Also in 1997, an honorary Doctor of Dundee, UK Liberal Arts at the University of Alberta, the United States, Japan’s Waseda University, Boston University and an honorary Doctor of Laws degree Sheikh Hasina.

In 1999, Bharati University of India awarded him a Doctor of Literature degree and the Doctor of Laws degree was awarded to him by the Australian National University. In 2005, the People’s Friendship University awarded him honorary doctorate degree in recognition of his contribution to peace, democracy and human rights.

In 1999, the University of Dhaka also awarded him Doctor of Laws degree, and in 2000, the Catholic University of Brussels gave him similar honors. In 2015, he achieved the world’s highest award, the Champions of the Earth, for his visionary program to counter the adverse effects of climate change.
In the year 2016, Sheikh Hasina was awarded the Agent of Change Award and the Plane 50-50 Champion Award for her outstanding contributions to women empowerment. On that occasion, UN Women received the Platinum 50-50 champion in a reception at the United Nations Headquarters in New York that year, and the Global Partnership Forum honored him with Agent of Change.