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Afganistan Premier League starts October

April 28, 2018
Premier League

Afghanistan Premier League is coming. The first event will be in the United Arab Emirates. The tournament will begin in October this year.

Afghan Cricket Board chairman Shukurullah Atif Mashal said on Friday that 40 international cricketers showed interest in playing this tournament. The five teams will start with five teams.

Afganistan Cricket Team

Afghanistan cricket is establishing itself as the new super power of the day. A few days ago they got the test status with Ireland. The main event of the World Cup also got a chance. In the war-torn country, there is only the Shapagaga Cricket League. Many of their national team have grown up in the refugee camps of Pakistan.

“The presence of international cricketers will make this tournament more popular,” Shukraullah said, “We are grateful to foreign cricketers. They are helping to take Afghanistan cricket to the next level. “